#Rump's Disaster Relief Cards

#Rump's Disaster Relief Cards


WTF is going on?

Creatively track 52 of the president's most dangerous and incompetent collaborators and be a hit at your next poker or bridge night with #Rump’s Disaster Relief Cards.

For starters, you can play all standard card games with this deck of 52 playing cards (plus 2 jokers). Go Fish? Solitaire? As you wish. Notice interesting faces and rankings along the way.

The cards can also help ease some of the political stress and angst so many of us feel. How? With creativity, action, and play. Use the 32 custom stickers included with each deck to express how you feel.

You have permission to write on these cards with a pen or marker (not included but you have them already). Really, you should do it. Keep the cards updated as things happen. Jot down a personal note or observation about the people in the cards. You can even draw on them. Make a mustache, add a patch or fangs. It's up to you.

If you are committed, feel free to tear, cut, and crumple the cards. Stomp on them, yell at them or fling them at a brick wall. It's okay. They are just playing cards and your expressions are protected by the 1st Amendment of our Constitution. Obey the law and don't litter please.

The backs of the cards offer a shower of golden foil streaks that glisten when they are tilted. Relieve yourself anytime.

Note: The cards were produced in December of 2017 and many individuals have since left the administration so you’ll have to bring the deck up to date.

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