Analog Adaptors (2)

Analog Adaptors (2)

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Electricity is our mother's milk.

Analog Adaptors transform electrical outlets into nourishing shapes that encourage us to only use what we need.

Analog Adaptors come in pairs: “At attention,” “At ease,” or a “Wink” mix. They fit into standard 2-prong type A and B outlets found in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

Analog Adaptors are custom 3D-printed in white plastic to order. Allow 3-4 weeks for printing, quality assurance, and delivery.

ATTENTION: Analog Adaptors may be especially attractive to children. Be mindful where you put them and use appropriate caution at all times around electricity. These are Art objects for adults only.

At attention
In: 1.29 x / 1.155 y / 1.155 z
Mm: 32.76 x / 29.34 y / 29.34 z
Material Volume: 7.8400cm³

At ease
In: 0.976 x / 1.16 y / 1.45 z
Mm: 24.78 x / 29.46 y / 36.82 z
Material Volume: 7.2911cm³

Designed and 3D-printed in the USA
Patent pending

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