FEELS Volume 2 (2-pack)

FEELS Volume 2 (2-pack)


It’s okay to feel what you feel.

What we touch impacts how we feel. Many of us spend our days navigating glassy surfaces that provide few unique skin FEELS.

This volume of 7 delicate FEELS “pads” are explored with your fingers, generating feelings of enjoyment, focus, clarity, or whatever arises. Change pace, pressure, and orientation to get to just right.

FEELS come in a 2-pack. One for you and another one for you.

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Volume 1 Tracks

  • 1: "Rays"

  • 2: "Three Friends

  • 3: "Blossom"

  • 4: "Champagne"

  • 5: "Walking Sticks"

  • 6: "Sprite"

  • 7: "Spin In"


A pilot program in NJ is under way to assess FEELS as a method to reduce anxiety and gain focus for children. Please reach out if you would like to obtain FEELS for your classroom or program.  

Caring for FEELS

As soon as we touch FEELS, they respond and change. That's how FEELS are supposed to be.

FEELS may get a little bent after a night stuffed in your pocket or purse. Wet FEELS will warp or soften. Your unique oils and fingerprints will wear on the tracks as you play them. When you decide to retire FEELS, tape it in your diary or put it in the recycling. Get more FEELS if you wish.

For FEELS that last forever, leave them sealed in the packaging and store in a cool/dry/dark place.


Gold ink, 4-color printing on 400gsm/19pt premium paper. Non-toxic.
Edition of 500 pairs (2018).

Designed and made in USA. Patent pending.