Where are you?

You are always right here when you wear a Here pendant. In a crowd or all by yourself, this emblem provides a focus on you and the place you are in at this very moment.

Be here.

Here pendant is custom 3D-printed in polished bronzed steel. Includes one 50cm/19.7in waxed black cord and two magnetic clasps.

Allow 4 weeks for printing, quality assurance, and delivery.

In: 1.346 x / 1.866 y / 0.333 z
Cm: 3.42 x / 4.74 y / 0.846 z
Material Volume: 1.6583cm³
Designed and 3D-printed in the USA

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How is this 3D-printed?
Tiny drops of glue are deposited onto layers of stainless steel powder until the Here pendant shape is formed. Then it goes through an infusion process that replaces the glue with bronze to create a solid metal object. Finally, the Here pendant is processed by hand to achieve the finish and then coated with a sealant.