It’s okay to touch.

Supernumerary is a handheld genderless nipple that provides relief when touched.

Supernumerary hangs out on a key ring (1.25” included) or around your neck on a string (not included). Gently caress it while waiting for the bus or hold it tight in a tense moment. This is your Supernumerary so touch it as you wish.

A supernumerary nipple is a third nipple occurring in about 1 in 18 people.

Supernumerary is custom 3D-printed in polished bronzed black steel to order. Allow 4 weeks for printing, quality assurance, and delivery.

In: 1.565 x / 1.565 y / 0.304 z
Cm: 3.975 x / 3.975 y / 0.771 z
Material Volume: 2.6738 cm³
Designed and 3D-printed in the USA

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How is this 3D-printed?

Steel (60% Stainless Steel / 40% Bronze matrix material)
Super tiny drops of glue are deposited onto layers of stainless steel powder until the shape is formed. Then it goes through an infusion process that replaces the remaining glue with bronze to create a solid metal object. Finally, it is processed by hand to achieve the finish and then coated with a sealant.