Outlet Udder

Outlet Udder


Electricity is not magic.

Outlet Udder reminds us that resources are used to create the energy we consume. Be mindful and only use what is necessary.

Outlet Udder is designed to fit over standard 2-prong type A and B outlets found in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Allow adequate spacing around outlet for installation. See specification sheet in the image carousel.

Pairs well with Analog Adaptors.

Outlet Udder is 3D-printed in white plastic to order. Allow 4 weeks for printing, quality assurance, and delivery.

In: 4.911 x / 4.912 y / 0.612 z
Mm: 124.73 x / 124.76 y / 15.54 z
Material Volume: 22.4337 cm³
Designed and 3D-printed in the USA
Patent pending

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