Magnet Bonsai II: "Big Boss & Stone"

Magnet Bonsai II: "Big Boss & Stone"


Grow bigger as you wish.

Play with 100 large magnetic spheres on Magnet Bonsai II: “Big Boss & Stone.” Create bushy clumps, dramatic arcs, or long loopy loops. Move, link, and make beautiful new connections in unexpected ways.

Use Stone to create pleasing set-ups and interactions. Stone is faceted, moveable, and may exist on its own outside of the base.

The tree and stone are custom 3D-printed for you in polished black steel. Allow 4 weeks for printing, quality assurance, and delivery.

100 magnetic spheres included, each 10mm in diameter.

Take Care

  1. Do not place magnetic spheres on or near your smart phone or other electronic devices. The magnetic powers emanating from the spheres may cause harm.

  2. Do not insert magnets into any part of your body.

  3. Ages 13 and up. Always keep magnets away from children.

In: 3.26 x / 2.72 y / 1.32 z
Mm: 82.78 x / 69.13 y / 33.51 z

In: 0.93 x / 0.89 y / 1.14 z
Mm: 23.52 x / 22.67 y / 28.91 z

Designed and made in the USA
Patent pending


How is this 3D-printed?

Steel (60% Stainless Steel / 40% Bronze matrix material)
Super tiny drops of glue are deposited onto layers of stainless steel powder until the Big Boss & Stone shapes are formed. They then go through an infusion process that replaces the remaining glue with bronze, creating completely solid metal objects. Finally, everything is processed by hand to achieve the finish and then coated with a sealant.