GOOD Counter EE

GOOD Counter EE


Sweet! Now click it…forever*

GOOD Counter EE (Eternity Edition) arrives in your hands set to 0001 GOOD.

It is up to you to advance GOOD Counter EE further as you wish. Decide what is worthy and click the lever to advance the counter by one.

When GOOD Counter EE reaches 9999, a click will result in a turnover to 0000. Put a mark on a piece of paper and begin counting again.

The GOOD Counter EE frame is custom 3D-printed in bronzed steel. A deconstructed HAND TALLY COUNTER NO. 5203 is installed inside. Allow 4 weeks for printing, assembly, quality assurance, and delivery.

Original tally counter packaging re-used.

View a prototype of this object and see this model in action.

Frame Specifications
In: 1.66 x / 1.72 y / 1.3 z
Mm: 42.2 x / 43.6 y / 33.1 z
Designed and made in the USA
Patent pending

*Forever is another way of saying that this item is rugged and will last a very long time.

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